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We are a community of imperfect people who, in Jesus Christ, are finding new life and hope.  We don’t have all the answers.  We are still figuring things out. But here is what we do know:


Where We Meet and What Time

Renovatus Church of Christ meets at the Fisher's Grange Hall in east Vancouver, Washington:


 814 NE 162nd Ave. @ NE 9th St., Vancouver, WA 98682


 Friends gather weekly for worship, Sunday at 6:00 pm.

How To Contact Us!

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Current Series:

About this Series -

The title, New Testament, is the phrase we use to describe the new covenant with God through Jesus (Luke 22:20). However, God is unchanging so there is not two different testaments, but two phases of one divine covenant.  Much of what we read in the New Testament was not really new to those who were reading it in the first century.  They had a sharp understanding of scripture. Some of the ideas, however, held the idea of newness when Jesus said,  “You have heard that it was said …, but I tell you...” He took what was familiar to them and redefined their knowledge.  Jesus did not change what was "said to the people long ago,”  but He was clarifying their misunderstandings of God’s law and will.  Luke’s story of Jesus Christ brings a beautiful harmony to the Old and New Testaments, and redefines God’s will in our lives.  Indeed, nothing is new under the sun, but there is much to learn from Doctor Luke about the God’s unfolding story.

Our Yearly Theme:

About This Year's Theme -

 Scripture if filled with story after story, instruction after instruction where God urges His people to “remember!”  What ought we to recall?  What ranks high on God’s list of things for His followers to recall?  Let’s explore THAT!



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