Joining us in person

Though not necessarily in any particular order, here is what you can expect in any Sunday evening get-together when you come visit us in person.



Singing is very much a part of this faith community. Most of the music is fairly simple and all the lyrics will be displayed. Feel free to join in or just listen.   At Renovatus, we celebrate!

Journey Kids (On Hold for now…)

Around 5:30 each week, after singing as a community, parents with grade school children, pre-school children and toddlers are invited to check their kids into the children’s ministry – Journey Kids.  The children are supervised by safe and qualified adults who lead the kids through a fun, contemporary, interactive time of learning where the kids explore and experience God’s love. Our prayer is that each child will realize God’s unconditional love for them and for that love to overflow to others.

Teens (on Hold for now…)

On Sunday evenings at 5:30pm during the adult teaching time. Teens are challenged to live with integrity and honor before God, before our community, and with each other. 


At some point during the worship time, the church will be given several minutes to focus and have a private moment of reflection. There is bread and grape juice available; the bread representing Jesus’ body and the fruit juice his blood.  The typical way the church shares in communion is to tear off a piece of the bread and dip it into the juice, symbolically sharing in the very person of Jesus Christ.


This church is dedicated to generosity with time, talents, and out treasure. We urge you to be creative, purposeful, and listen to God speaking to your heart. What is he asking you to give today?  During service the opportunity to give will be presented by passing baskets.

Prayer and Contemplation

Renovatus worship is both a community activity and a personal connection with God. For that reason, you can expect to see people spending time is quiet, personal meditation or journaling or prayer. We urge all to take personal responsibility and the freedom to worship God.


The Renovatus church of Christ has a high regard for the teaching and world-perceptions of Jesus! You can expect that a part of the assembly time is spent in learning from the Bible. During our study time we enjoy using the New Living Translation of the Bible, and copies are available at no cost at the Welcome table. We fully expect to hear from God!

Service Opportunities

It is common for community members to frequently invest in various opportunities to serve individuals and the neighborhood. All are welcome to contribute to the well-being of our society.  This faith-community is deeply involved in the surrounding community.  Feel free to join in!

Joining us online

We learned an important lesson during the recent requirement to disband public meetings as part of the Covid19 management.
Online worship can be  great!  While its not the same as the face to face experience, the chance to share with friends and family both near and far was rich. 
And we want to continue to offer that experience.  Not everyone is able to come in person. We get that. So what ever the reason, be it health, location, schedule conflicts or ????   please join us at 5:00 each Sunday on our Facebook page and join us in worship through the live stream of the service.  Have your communion and offerings ready.
Can’t make it Sunday at 5:00?  The recording of the service will remain available under videos on Facebook, and on our YouTube channel.
If sitting and watching is a bit tough, an audio only version of the sermon is also available.