What is at the very heart of the Renovatus Church? What is this church’s essence? How has God uniquely shaped His people to reflect His nature in order to shape culture?


Where the Light Shines Through

If you hadn’t noticed, our world has grown a bit dark and oppressive.  It’s hard!  It’s challenging!  It’s difficult!  Right now if a person ever deserved to be a bit of a grinch, it’s now; it’s understandable!  Right?

But what if – in the midst of that darkness – there was a light that pierced the darkness?  One that offered hope and relief.  Well, my friend, it has happened!  It appeared as a star … over a village called Bethlehem.  

Between now and the end of this bizarre calendar year, the Renovatus church will engage in a conversation where we seek to find our place and purpose in that light.  Be a part of the adventure!


Romans as a Storyline

Let’s get practical!  Jesus, who leads us, heart and soul, knows the beauty and power of His message to mankind!  He knows this is not just helpful, but life-giving and moves us toward original purpose and intended beauty.

With that knowledge, He says to us, “Get going!  Share this with those who do not know!  You are the messenger!  Go!”

Romans is a letter of deep yet understandable theology, and will be our outline for a simple

Survival Strategies

Lessons from the Mount – What Now?

“Now What?”  What does Jesus have to say once we decide to be led and motivated by faith in Him?  In Matthew 5-7, Jesus describes what it means to live by a Kingdom ethic.  He spells out the practicality, the courage, the influence, and the beauty that becomes evident when any individual chooses to live the Jesus-Life.”


Who doesn’t marvel at the grandeur of a beautiful butterfly in flight?  It is winged artistry!  A visible miracle in flight!  But that bit of splendor does not come without conflict and stress!  The apostle, Paul, wrote a short letter to a church in the city of Colossae in which he clarifies the Jesus-journey that they had chosen.  Similarly, the Renovatus church will step into flight school in our own Jesus-journeys; Butterfly Flight School.  Be courageous and join in!

Hand Crafted. The Process of Beauty from Ashes

Isaiah 61:3 says, “To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.”  Jesus began his ministry by reading these words, and then live out the rest of His life demonstrating His father’s desire to create beauty out of ashes! Impossible?  One would think! But in truth, Christ’s presence brings about miraculous transformation. This series offers us a sense of hope as we explore stories of people whose lives were handcrafted by the Creator!

Ghosts: God’s Presence on this Planet.

This exciting teaching series on the Holy Spirit, or in the verbiage of older translations of the Bible: the Holy Ghost! What difference does the Spirit make right now in our world? How does He move? How do we live individually and as a community if we live in the reality of faith in the Holy Spirit? Explore … and be forever transformed!
 Series Handout.    Fill in the blanks as the series progresses.

Evil (and God’s justice)   


Return, Redeem, Release.
The beauty of the Jewish historical celebration, Jubilee, is at the center of this study. This festival was for them – and will be for is – a moment of dreams.  A time for amending wrongs. A claiming of redemption and release from chains of hopelessness! Does that not sound like a worthwhile use of time?

Note: To listen to the song played at the end of Redeeemed!  check out the official video by Big Daddy Weave of their song, Redeemed.

The Year of the Lord’s Favor


The Feast of the New Year 

Five truths to live out in 2020.

Crisis of Love: Strongholds

Ever felt pressured to act, do, and be “just right” in order to be worthy of receiving God’s love? Have you ever compared your walk with the Lord to one of your friend or family members and adjusted your walk based on what you see them doing in theirs? Come join our new series where we will be talking about the Strongholds we cling to that keep us from experiencing the full and unique love God has to offer each and everyone of us!

Faith, Hope, and Love in our Core Values

Darkroom. When Hope Becomes Visible. The Victory of Hope!

The Artist sees the beauty, and the Image is captured.  While the beauty truly lives in the heart of the Artist, it is only in the mystery found in the Darkroom that those images become visible.  Only then can the beauty be shared. This series is celebrating that moment when the Hope that is very real in the heart of God becomes visible and sharable to those who capture glimpses of what He sees!  



Where will you be in Five Years?  What are my dreams?  Where will I be in five years?  Better, WHO will I be in five years?  It is essential to not simply allow Hope to be a future event.  Rather, we step into The Banquet NOW, knowing there is a seat with MY name on it!  It is a confidence that is both Then and Now! What are your dreams for the next five years?  What are some components to that next step in a Holy Hope? Based on my confidence right now, how can I secure my future?


John Describes the Holistic Christ.  The apostle, John, reveals a narrative about Jesus that is VERY different; highly unusual.  His concern was NOT to offer a simple story of Jesus, the Nazarene. Rather, he was piecing together a complex picture of the universal, cosmic Christ!  He describes a Savior that somehow speaks the language of YOUR heart, no matter who you are, how you see the world, or what events brought you to this moment.  ‘Seem impossible?

Victory of Faith

The Story of Jesus that Luke tells offers beautiful human interest stories of people who experienced a transformative encounter with the Christ that forever redefined the trajectory of their lives! Jesus did life among the Jews. He was Jewish. Yet he challenged these people who had an existing faith in God to look deeper into their Faith! Luke tells stories of the Victory of Faith

A Crisis of Faith

What happens when ones’ God-relationship loses the joy and delight and newness that someone discovers when one first discovers Jesus? What happens when that once-beautiful relationship is tainted by time and pain and spiritual attack? Discover the beauty and design of a God orchestrated event: A Crisis of Faith.

Sheep Herding – Renovatus Style


Advent Conspiracy

Malachi’s Brutal Questions