2023 – Better Together

Want to hear the message again? or just miss us?
You can revisit past Sunday night services on YouTube (complete playlist of the series)



________Wedding Bells
Renovatus Live: March 14   Spirit that Leads
Renovatus Live:Mar 21  Spirit of Blessing
Renovatus Live:Mar 28 Spirit of Dullenss
Renovatus Live:Apr 4    Spirit of Imitation
Renovatus Live:Apr 11    Spirit of Ease
Renovatus Live:Apr 18   Spirit of Deceit
Renovatus Live:Apr 25  Spirit of Apprehension
Renovatus Live:May 2   Spirit of Holiness!
________Mother’s Day
Renovatus Live: May 9th  Wilderness Women
________Partnering with the Spirit
Renovatus Live: Jul 18   Final Forty
Renovatus Live: Jul 25  Greater Than >
Renovatus Live: Aug 1   Connecting the Dots
Renovatus Live: Aug 8  The Road to Forgetting
Renovatus Live: Aug 15  Partnering with the Spirit Quake!
Renovatus Live: Aug 22  Partnering with the Spirit Testify!
Renovatus Live: Sept 5 Partnering with the Spirit Baptisms!
________ From Bystander to Collaborator
Renovatus Live: Sep 12  The Bystander (John. 2)
      Outline: Bystander
Renovatus Live: Sep 19
 Who Brought Food? (John. 4)
      Outline: Who brought food
Renovatus Live:Sep 26
  I saw a boy (John 6)
      Outline: I saw a boy
Renovatus Live: Oct 3   Mud in Your Eye (John. 9)
      Outline: Mud in your eye
Renovatus Live: Oct 10
  Multiple Eyewitnesses (John. 11)    
      Outline: Multiple Eyewitnesses
Renovatus Live: Oct 17  The Collaborator (John. 21)     
      Outline: The Collaborator
________Pursuit. The Story of Jonah
________The Advent Conspiracy