Crisis of Hope: 2024    June 23 – July 21

Twenty-Twenty-Four. Where will you be in Five Years?  
What are my dreams?  Where will I be in five years?  Better, WHO will I be in five years?  It is essential to not simply allow Hope to be a future event.  Rather, we step into The Banquet NOW, knowing there is a seat with MY name on it!  It is a confidence that is both Then and Now! What are your dreams for the next five years?  What are some components to that next step in a Holy Hope? Based on my confidence right now, how can I secure my future?  
  • June 23: I want to see
  • June 30:  I want to Praise
  • July 07:  I want to increase   **Baptism Sunday**
  • July 14: 2024
  • July 21:  I want to live free