Below are some regularly scheduled activities for you. Please contact us for more information, and we’ll be glad to share.  We’re just trying to mindful of the safety of our community and not post to much personal information on the public web.
Home Communities
Those small groups are a key way for people to connect in a deeper and more honest way. These relational circles are designed to make our values more practical and also provide a forum to ask spiritual questions. We have several groups meeting throughout the week for and on the weekends the is a men’s group and a women’s book study that meet.
For more information on this year’s Home Community groups, please send an email to
On the first Sunday of each month a baptistery is filled and ready for anyone who wishes to be baptized, making one a part of the Body of Christ; the church!   Email  if you would like to chat more about baptism, and what it means in your life.                                      
Renovatus 101
On a quarterly basis, Kevin and Brenda Woods open their home to anyone wishing to learn more about the Renovatus church and how better to delve deeper into the life community.  Drop Kevin a line to let him know you would be interested in joining them.
Real Men Pray
Each Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m., a group of men meet at Shari’s Cafe (Mill Plain and Chkalov Dr.) for prayer, breakfast and stories!